Cuong Nhu

Hard and Soft

Some martial arts use “hard” style kicks, punches, and straight angles.

Other martial arts use “soft” fluid movements and subtle redirections as defense.

Cuong Nhu mixes both.

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Skills You'll Learn

  • Escapes from grabs and chokes
  • Rolling skills to prevent injury
  • Powerful strikes
  • Effective blocks
  • Throwing and submission techniques
  • Exercises for power and balance
  • Traditional weapons training
Curriculum Details

What to Expect

Students wear uniforms. If you’re trying it for the first time, wear workout clothes. Classes usually begin with fitness exercises. Teachers lead technique drills that improve balance, power, and coordination. Students apply self-defense techniques using other students and instructors as partners.

Students take tests to earn rank in the international Cuong Nhu Association.

The program is led by Head Instructor, Sensei Tanner Critz.

Advantages of Cuong Nhu

Improved Fitness

Training improves strength, agility, balance, and endurance. Because of Cuong Nhu’s equal emphasis on soft styles, students also improve fluidity, posture, flexibility, and reaction time.

Diverse Curriculum

Cuong Nhu students are exposed to many styles of martial arts. They discover strategies that fit their bodies and personalities the best. Black belts remain constantly stimulated by new ideas. Also, unlike some martial arts that forbid training with other schools, Cuong Nhu encourages students to learn all they can and bring more martial arts knowledge and experience into our family!

Straight-Forward Self Defense

Our three-part self-defense system is straight forward and easy to pick up. With practice, even children can escape a much stronger aggressor.

Encouraging Community

The Cuong Nhu family is unique among martial arts communities in that all our schools support and encourage all the others. There is no rivalry or negativity among Cuong Nhu schools. Whenever students of one school travel, they are always welcome at other schools and in the homes of students around the world. Our international annual gatherings are places of friendship, fun, and good humor.

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