Eligibility to Advance

Ranks in Cuong Nhu are earned through proficiency in the Cuong Nhu curriculum and on attitude, effort and attendance. It takes longer to earn a Cuong Nhu black belt than many other styles, because we require a great deal in skill, knowledge and maturity.

Everyone is Different! It's Cool!

Each student comes a different combination of natural abilities, training schedules and attitudes. No one should be discouraged by or arrogant about how fast or slow they move from one rank to another. The differences are what create balance in our school.


Cuong Nhu has five belt colors that rank adults’ progression. The colors are based on the growth of a tree.

White is the seed
Green is young leaves 
Brown is thickening bark
Black is shade from the mature tree
Red stripes on a black belt represent the fruit of the tree. 

Kids pursue a parallel curriculum that has been modified with consideration for growing bodies and developing judgment. It is broken into smaller stages so kids stay motivated.

To advance in rank and to continue growing as martial artists, Cuong Nhu black belts must teach and build their communities.