1. The combined work of our students moved our entire dojo from Kavanaugh to Cantrell in just 45 minutes.
  2. When we moved locations, our students came with us.
  3. Students over the age 65 inspired us to be healthy and to pursue our passions.
  4. Two new smart people joined our desk staff: Jo Arellanes (Tue, Thu, Fri) and Keira Boop (Sat).
  5. A bigger parking lot.
  6. An EXPLOSION of teenagers!
  7. Our new entry space allows for families to be more social.
  8. Sensei Ming Fung and Sensei Chris Perry decided to move to Little Rock and make Unity home.
  9. Visiting masters all commented that we are getting stronger as a collective group of martial artists every year.
  10. The first wave of kids who have grown up in our program are prepping for black belt testing! They are juggling high school and intense training schedules.
  11. Our students raised enough money to purchase 1,000 watercolor sets for Stephens Elementary.
  12. Expanded Adventure Quest and Friday night gaming sessions gives kids a creative outlet.
  13. In-house yoga classes. Namaste.
  14. Our black belts are finding new ways to extend their training while also giving back as teachers and leaders.
  15. A generous parent helped purchase a treadmill that parents can use while their children are in class.
  16. Unity was asked to play a leadership role in revising Cuong Nhu standards.
  17. We began an archiving project on behalf of Cuong Nhu. We get to digitize documents, photos, and notes from O’Sensei, his family, and early students and leaders of Cuong Nhu.

We like to count our blessings.

Thanks to friends, old and new, who made Unity stronger. 2018, we're ready!