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Body & Breath

Ashtanga yoga consists of a set sequence of yoga postures linked together with breath into a form of moving meditation. It is traditionally taught “Mysore style” (named after the city where Ashtanga originated from). Rather than having a teacher lead the class, the student moves through their own practice at their own breathing pace. The teacher helps each student develop a highly individualized practice that is tailored to each students’ abilities and needs. Check out this brief video that sums up what Ashtanga yoga is all about!

Unity is Full of Ashtanga Beginners

While Ashtanga is traditionally taught Mysore-style, right now we are offering teacher-led, introductory classes to the yoga practice. Try to attend at least once per week because we are building on the foundation of what we learned the week before. However, Ashtanga is a set sequence, so we will always be repping the basics if you need to jump in as a new student.

Do I Need to Be Able to Touch My Toes Already?

Nope! No experience necessary, all levels welcome! You will be amazed at what your body is capable of doing!

What Should I Wear/Bring?

Wear comfortable workout-type clothing. Bring a yoga mat with you and a towel if you are particularly sweat-prone.

Ming Fung

Our yoga instructor, Ming Fung, uses Ashtanga to complement her intense martial arts and fitness training. She infuses every session with spunky enthusiasm and an encouraging spirit.