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In Cuong Nhu, our philosophy is as important as our techniques. Students must learn their philosophy sets in addition to their other curriculum by each test.

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Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts
Code of Ethics
(Memorize by Green Belt)

1) Cuong Nhu students should strive to improve themselves
and their abilities in the martial arts in order to serve the people.

2) All students should be faithful to the ideals of Cuong Nhu
and attempt to spread and develop these beliefs within the younger generation
so that they too will be morally and physically fit.

3) All members of Cuong Nhu are unified in spirit and respect each other and their instructors.

4) Only by absolute discipline of mind, body, and spirit do students maintain honor in Cuong Nhu.

5) All members should respect all other styles of the martial arts
and only use martial arts techniques for self-defense and to protect truth and reason.

6) Cuong Nhu students, through dedicated daily practice, increase their spirit, stamina, and moral character.

7) The goal of Cuong Nhu students is to maintain a pure, simple, sincere, and noble life.

8) Self-confidence, self-control, modesty, and a non-defeatist attitude
are the mental keynotes for students of Cuong Nhu.

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