Unity Perk! Members can book parties.

Kids Party

15-Minute Arrival Time & Free Play
Shoes and socks off. Then jump, romp, and roll through the dojo. Plenty of room to run and roll! Climbing equipment, monkey bars, and punching bags.

45-Minute Games
Welcome and warm-up, kids will participate in fun activities run by a kid-friendly Unity instructor.  We’ll play games using our punching bags, exercise balls, padded weapons, and mitts.

15-Minute Birthday Cake & Food Time

15-Minute Presents and/or More Free Play

Total: 1.5 Hour


$150 for 1- or 2-per-week members

$125 for unlimited members

Includes 15 attendees. Additional $5 per person after that.

Adults Party, Too

For teen and adult members who prefer to have more food, mingling, and the dance lights and speakers bouncing, we offer the Saturday night dance party version of our party.

Give us a playlist for your dancing pleasure, or we’ll provide one of our own. Bring food and cake of your liking and we’ll keep the party going and clean up everything after.

Total time: 2 Hours