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Adult & Teen Classes

High-caliber martial arts training. We offer a mix of hard and soft styles to suit teens and adults of all ages.
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Cuong Nhu (hard/soft styles blended)
The core curriculum at Unity comes from a style called Cuong Nhu that mixes hard and soft styles. Every session includes martial arts instruction and physical conditioning. The program is led by Head Instructor, Sensei Tanner Critz.

Cuong Nhu is unusual among traditional martial arts because students have the ability to customize their training as they advance.  In the journey to black belt, students master the initial curriculum set. After becoming black belts, they study techniques, strategies and weapons that fit them best and develop specialties under the guidance of national masters.  As a result, black belts in Cuong Nhu continue to find new avenues of training that excite and motivate them throughout their lives.

Students Stay Longer
Cuong Nhu students train, on average, far longer than most martial arts. Long-term students are thrilled by the breadth of material available for study, the incredible support of masters across the country, and the meaningful relationships they develop with classmates and the international Cuong Nhu community.

Teen Benefits
Beyond the fact that it's just plain cool to have martial arts skills, Cuong Nhu helps teens look healthier and feel more confident. As we show young adults how to overcome mental and physical obstacles, they begin to stress less, learn more and help others.



Kickboxing (hard style)
Combine fitness training with striking heavy bags and padded targets. You will practice boxing drills and learn 1- and 3-step sparring. Equally well suited to competitive fighters and beginner athletes.

Team Unity MMA
Have your eye on the cage? Individuals that want to compete attend Kickboxing and then stay for Team Unity extended MMA sessions. Coach John Davis customizes each team member's training regimen, combining diet, cardio/strength training, and fight technique/strategy. Fighters receive support setting up matches and personal coaching as fight dates approach.

Tai Chi (soft style)
Meditative sessions to help de-stress. Traditional Tai Chi movements and Chinese breathing exercises will stimulate the body’s organs, acupuncture meridians, muscles, tendons and bones. Led by Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Martin Eisele.



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