Now more in-class promotions

We will be eliminating most of the kid’s group tests and doing that evaluation and promotion during their classes.

In my ongoing experiment to pass on these skills in the best possible way, I’ve decided to try moving the evaluation and promotion for most kid ranks to the classroom. The only formal tests the kids will attend are the Purple Belt and Blue Belt tests. They are currently evaluated each day in class on three metrics:

  • Knowledge of the curriculum
  • Attitude (their composure and approach towards the dojo, their training, and their classmates)
  • Effort.

Our hope in changing this practice is that we can promote kids after three classes of them showing the knowledge, attitude, and effort commensurate with the next rank. This should more directly tie their efforts towards those accomplishments with feedback and recognition on our end, increasing the correlation in their minds. We also want kids who are struggling in these areas to be motivated by seeing day-to-day efforts of other students rewarded.

In addition, we’ll save you a few test fees along the way, though we’ll miss gathered families and photos that come with those tests. We’ll still have them, just for bigger milestones.

The purple and blue belts line up with the first and second adult ranks, so when they’re ready for them, they’ll test alongside adults who are ready for their version. This has worked well in the past and also served to let the kids see how the adults perform both as an example of maturity, and as friendly, helpful, bigger students. The kids are much less apprehensive about moving on to teen and adult classes when they see this.

Please let Sensei Tanner know if you have any questions or concerns about this new practice. We predict to see kids who are even more motivated than usual as a result of the change.